Sending emails

There will be many quizzes and surveys that you create that you may want to send the user an email once he or she submits the responses. Alternatively, you may also want to send yourself or another individual an email every time a user submits his or her responses.

Before we set up any emails, we need to go to the "Settings" page within the "Quizzes/Surveys" menu and enter in a "From Name" and "From Email" in the options there.

Be sure to save the settings once you customize these.

Next, to begin editing emails for individual quizzes, edit the quiz and then navigate to the Emails tab.

All emails you send out can be customized using the template variable system. If you are just getting started, we recommend you review the template variable system documentation.

First, think about all the emails you would like to send. Do you want to send an email to yourself? To the user? Should there be different emails that go out depending on if the user passes or not?

To get started with your first email, click the "Add New Email" button. You will see a new email appear that looks like this:

There are two main areas for each email you customize. On the left are the "conditions" for when to send the email. On the left is the actual email.


To always send an email regardless of the score, set up an email with no conditions. For example, if you want to send an email to yourself every time the quiz or survey is taken and it will not be customized based on the score, you can delete the default condition and leave the conditions area empty.

If you want the email to only send based off a certain score, this is where conditions come in. Let's say you only want to send an email to the user if they pass the quiz. You could create only one email with a condition that says "Correct score percentage is greater than 70". Then, only if the user receives a score above 70% will the user receive an email.

If you want one email to be sent if the user fails and a different email to be sent if the user passes, you would add two emails to this tab. Then, set up one email with a condition of "Correct score percentage is greater than or equal to 70" and another with a condition of "Correct score percentage is less than 70".

Eventually, more types of conditions will be added here to allow for much more customizations so keep an eye out for new updates!

Customizing the email

Now that you have your conditions set up, you can now customize the email.

First, enter in who the email is to be sent to. If the email should be sent to the user, enter in the user email variable: %USER_EMAIL%.

Next, enter in the subject for the email.

Next, enter in the contents for the email. You can use all the variables at the top of the tab within the contents of the email. An example email would look like this:

With a score of %POINT_SCORE% points, you have passed our %QUIZ_NAME%! Awesome job! Here are your responses:
~QSM Team

Lastly, if you want to have the user's email set as the reply-to, check the box at the bottom of the email. This is very useful if you want to receive an email from the site when a user submits a quiz or survey and you want to be able to reply to the email to send an email to the user.

Once your emails are all set up, be sure to click the "Save Emails" button!