Frequently asked questions

I want to edit the output for %QUESTIONS_ANSWERS%. Can I do that?

Yes, it is possible to edit the output of the variable %QUESTIONS_ANSWERS%. When editing your quiz, go to the "Text" tab. Once on the "Text" tab scroll almost all the way down the page and you will see a text area that allows you to edit the contents of %QUESTIONS_ANSWERS%.

When I Go To The Quiz/Survey URL, I see a Page Not Found Error. How can I fix this?

In most cases, this has to do with the permalinks. Permalinks are what WordPress uses to set up URLs to certain pages, posts, and other content. Occasionally, Quiz And Survey Master does not set up its permalinks correctly. To resolve this, go to your WordPress Admin and go to the "Permalinks" page inside of the "Settings" menu.

Once on the "Permalinks" page, save the form twice without making any changes. This forces WordPress to "flush" or recalculate the permalinks on the site. Now, your quiz/survey URL should work correctly.