Adding a quiz or survey to your site

Once you have your quiz set up, there are a few ways you can add it to your site so users can access it.

First, you can add the shortcode to your post or page. To do so, navigate to the Quizzes/Surveys page. Now, go to the Shortcode column and copy the shortcode for your quiz. Then, go to the post or page you would like the quiz in and paste the shortcode any where in the post or page. Don't forget to update your post or page. When users go to that page or post now, the shortcode will be replaced with your quiz!

Second, you can use the link shortcode. This will add a link to the quiz or survey. Go to the Quizzes/Surveys page. Copy the shortcode from the link shortcode column. Now, go to the post or page that you would like the link in and paste the shortcode. Don't forget to update the post or page!

Lastly, you can add the quiz or survey to one of your site's menus. To do so, go edit one of your menus. There will be a new section under the "Posts" section called "Quizzes/Surveys". You can add any quiz or survey to your menu so that you users can access it.