Extending Quiz And Survey Master

While Quiz And Survey Master is feature-rich, there are many times that you will want to extend the plugin even further. To do so, there are a few concepts and things to know before you get started.

First, this plugin was originally created as a side project for an agency called "My Local Webstop" where it was called "Quiz Master Next". So, the oldest functions and variables begin with the mlw_ prefix which was replaced with the qmn_ prefix. When the plugin's name change to "Quiz And Survey Master", we began using the qsm_ prefix.

Second, while we this plugin can be used for many things including quizzes, surveys, polls, contact forms, and more, internally the data is referred to as a "quiz" which are stored in the mlw_quizzes table. So, the create quiz function will create an entry that can be used for any form. Inside a "quiz" will be multiple "questions" which are stored inside the mlw_questions table. Each submission of the form is called a "result" which is stored in the mlw_results table.

You can review the plugin's source by viewing the GitHub repo.